About Private Sale Spain

Private-Sale-Spain.com is a website for people who own property in Spain and want to sell thire property privately without paying the massive estate agents selling fee's.

A property owner can realistically save tens of thousands of euros. So if you own an apartments, villa, farm houses, country cottages, B&Bs or even boats and yachts you can save your self thousands of euros selling with us. Private-Sale-Spain.com -
Buyers are search...

Unlike other private sale web sites that charge up to and over €180 per year and take commissions from the sale of your property, Private Sale Spain does not, we only €19.95 for a Until Sold advert plus we take no commission from the sale of your Spanish property.

What's the catch There is no catch, we would offer this service for free but as you know they internet is full of spammers and if we run the site for free it would get full of fake adverts quite quickly.
Please bear in mind that you will have to deal with all inquiries from the site and the sale of your property. All ways, we repeat always use a lawyer and never take cash or black money.
Anybody that wants to buy your property must use a Spanish based lawyer so your trusted lawyer can check them out.