How do I sign up
Signing up to Private Sale Spain is very easy, all you need to do is click the "Register" link in the Control box on the upper left hand side on the home page or click here to register a new account with us.

How do I add my Property
Once you have a new account with private-sale-spain.com you can start to add your property, you will need to click the "Place An Ad" link in the Control box in the upper left hand side on the home page when you are logged in. Once you have clicked this, you will see a selection box, please choose in which area your property is located. Then all you have to do is fill in the information about your property.

How do add photos
When you reach the photo submission page, please click the browse button, this will open a new box to let you select which image you want to be added to your property listing advert. Once selected please click continue to load a photo, repeat process to add more photos, you can add up to 20 photos, once you have added your photo please click "skip this step" to finish.

Property Agents - Estate Agencies
Private Sale Spain does accept adverts from estate agencies, only with the express permission of the property owner.

Any agent listing found on this site by the property owner, without the property owners consent, will be deleted from this site or will be edited to become the property owners advert, with NO Refund to the estate agent for the cost of the cost of the advert.

Sorry, Private Sale Spain does not offer any refunds for any costs incurred for adverts placed on this site.

I can't add photos
Please make sure that the files your trying to load are in jpg format and no larger than 500pix wide or 350kb in size, also please make sure that you allow pop-ups from our site, this will be in your internet secruity settings, if you are still having trouble adding images please download this image resize tool from Microsoft, once installed this tool allows you to RIGHT CLICK on your image file and choose "Resize Pictures" a selection box will allow you to choose what size you wish. We recommend medium for faster upload.

How do I make my property Featured
If you want to make your property featured after your have added it to the site and chosen a normal advert, you will need to send an email with the property details to admin@private-sale-spain.com and then we can send a pay now link from paypal to turn your advert on to featured mode. Your featured ad will run until your property is sold.

Costs and upgrades
We provide one simple advertising option costing only €19.95. This gives you advertising until your property is sold and upto 20 photos.

When you are listing your property you will see options to upgrade you advert to make a stand out from a standard listing, these options are:
Featured - 12 month €15:
Your listing will be placed in top position in your area and the back ground colour changed from blue to yellow.
Bold - Cost €3.50:
This will inlarge the title text and price text in your listing. There will be no change in colour or position if purchased separately.
Highlighted - €5:
Your listing back ground colour will be changed from:
Blue (standard listing)
Yellow (featured listing)
to orange, to make it stand out from the crowd. There will be no change in colour or position if purchased separately.

Iv added my property but can't see it on the web site
It may take up to 48hrs for your new private sale advert to be review and activated for online viewing. If you think this is not the case please email us and we will do our best to help you.

You don't list my area
In the event that you can't find the category to list your private sale, please place the property in your nearest area and submit your listing, we will then add the new area to the site for better indexing.