Property Scams

Internet Property Scams
Selling your property online can be a steep learning curve for some and this can make some people targets for property scammers.
Private Sale Spain want to give you some tips on self protection from the scammers.

Get a good lawyer
To avoid any scams or dodgy dealing find your self a good local legal representative (lawyer) but please don't use the same lawyer as purchaser or seller, if you're UK based you'll be able to locate specialist lawyers that deal with Spanish property sales.

Sending money
Never ever send money to a property seller or the sellers agent, especially if this person comes from Africa, NIGERIA or eastern europe, this goes for people wanting to buy property from you.
Only your legal representative will tell you when to send money.

An Email from your Bank
Most people on earth has had this email, but it still catches people out, you will receive a fake email from a bank, it could be the bank you use, saying that a transfer you have ordered has not been sent or they need you to log-in and re-set your password.
Any bank or web site will never ask you for your password via email or telephone call, If you are having problems with a transfer you have made, call your bank by telephone yourself.

They want me to fly to meet them
Never ever travel to meet anybody in a different country. This scam often includes you loosing a lot of cash. The scammer says that his investor is an international property investor and has a load of �500 bank notes to dispose of, he will say meet me in a different country from Spain or the UK but it is known that they will meet you locally. They say that they want to swap �40,000 in �500 bank notes in exchange for used �20s or �20s - �50s notes. The �500 notes will be fake, that's if they think they have to exchange to get your money. If they find out that you have the cash with you, they will use force to take it.

They want to buy without viewing!
You will get an email from some top flight diplomat or professional saying, that they like your property and want to buy it, but they are far to busy to come and view it, just tell them to get their lawyer to contact your lawyer in Spain, that should stop them.

Please forward any suspicious emails to

These are few common scammers emails.
Dear Sir or Madam: I'm sending this E-mail regarding the property that you have for sale. At the moments I have a high demand from investor and private companies for properties in your area. I would like to receive some more additional information from the property regarding floor plans, if is in any need of repairs, if is vacant, what is the rental income, any new planing have been approve for the area that change market price in the future, or any other information that you believe reliable for my buyers to make a quick decision regarding the purchase of your property. I would like to inform you that my commissions are paid buy the buyers that I will in the future introduce to you.
Tel +44 796 492 8129 Best regards. Mr Duval

A property agent has contacted me!
A property agent has made contact with you, saying that they have somebody that wants to view your property. OK, 2 ways you can deal with this one.
1/ Tell them, Thanks but NO THANKS!
2/ You can personally negotiate a commission fee with the agent, we would say 1% is fair, then contact your lawyer in Spain to give the details of the agent, if the property "expert" asks for more commission, just tell them no.

I found my property on a Spainsh estate agent web site!
First off, an estate agency definatly cannot sell your home without your consent.
The rogue property agent has just copied the information from Private Sale Spain and listed it on there own web site, they might contact you with a real lead, please see above for the property agent sent me an email scam.
You have every right to have your information removed from the agents web site, if they don�t do as you ask, contact us and we will make them remove your property information from there site or we will get there web site host to close the site down.

You have to be careful on this one, some are easy to spot. The property will be for sale at a very unrealistic value or you will get an email from a person asking you to call them back in this number, "To good to be true" comes to mind. Your call could cost you �25 and they will be nothing you can do to get it back.
Never Call Nubers that start with:
UK : 0890 - 09xx - 0875 - 0845
Spain : 803 - 806 - 807 - 0900 - 900 - 901 - 902

Scammers E-mails
We have started to build a list of scammers emails addresses, since that yahoo, msn, hotmail and google seem slow in acting upon scammers using there e-mail service: - Mr Duval - France - Belgium - Alex - Spain - Holland - William Morris - France - London

Dr. Harry Steer - Lagos - DR.PASSIONGUY@YAHOO.COM

Mr Goldmeyer & Max Jacobs - Valencia - Italy - Switzerland - - also using Italian mobiles : +39 3473472827 and +39 3401635040.


Mabel Ambuge - Cameroon - - his lawyer - - numbers used 0023775083200 or 0023775083200

Mr Mcdonald - 12 Peters Lane, Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DS UNITED KINGDOM - +44 7035915939 -

Mr Mcdonald AKA St Don Hospital - 42 Peters Lane, Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DS UNITED KINGDOM - +44 7035915939 -

Paul Mathis Property Investor 00 33 662902392

David Gomez -

Bradley Coffman / Email Spamming harvesting

Alex Sidney a Captain in the UN in Iraq

Captain David James - -

Captain Donald Hall - -

Harry Smith -

Sgt. Robert Erwing -

Miss Donna Story U.S. Department of Justice -

Trying to refund money from Nigerian internet scam victims

Capt. Gilbert Kelvin -

Capt Murah Flavio -

Capt Cole Wayne from USA -

Capt David James -

Victor -

Jack Robinson